We met at the intersection of web and print.  One of us specialized in building websites and developing mobile apps.  The other leaned more toward traditional copywriting and graphic design.

We knew we wanted to start a full-service marketing firm.  We just didn’t know what we wanted to call it.  Yes, we’re in the business of helping companies find their brand identities.  But, finding our own was a new challenge.

So, we held multiple brainstorming sessions – at our favorite hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop, the bar with the best local beer, and a porch with powerful heaters.

Then, we realized it.  The name was all around us.  Our favorite places and fondest experiences are all “Off Forty” – the interstate that connects our two cities.  Five hours East, our favorite surf shop and concert venue are still Off Forty.  And, 35 hours West, there’s another crop of favorite local businesses we’re yet to visit.

Collectively, there’s over 2,000 miles of stories to be told.  We want to help you tell yours.  We want to help you succeed – no matter where the road takes you.


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