The internet: your indie theater

Fourth Street in Downtown Winston-Salem is a happening place.  Along this strip, there’s the local microbrewery, a Lebanese restaurant with $3 falafels on Tuesday, and a great gym for rock climbing.  And, nestled between it all, there’s another great gem: an independent movie theater.  It’s the kind of place you can go to see cutting-edge documentaries, foreign films, and cult classics – with a bag of popcorn in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

A/perture, in the theater’s own words, serves as a “modern, unique alternative” to more traditional venues for watching movies.

A modern, unique alternative.  Say it three times.  Meditate on the words.  That’s what your brand deserves – a modern, unique alternative to the traditional.

In this case, we mean traditional advertising.  While the media of yesteryear still has its place, it’s no longer enough to help you stand out from the crowd.  So, what per say is your unique alternative?  How about a film of your own – that truly shows your brand’s independence?

Impossible.  Films take expensive camera crews, highly-paid actors, and months to put together.  Right?  Wrong.  It’s easier than ever to make a short film and embed a marketing message.  You just need an idea (we’re here to help) and a means with which to capture it (take the family camcorder off the shelf or use one of ours).

It’s also easier than ever to showcase your films.  There’s an entire theater at your disposal, packed with viewers ready to watch and share your message.  With streaming communities such as YouTube and Vimeo, the Internet is the perfect venue to showcase your masterpiece.

Here are some tips help you please your critics:

  • Make it entertaining so your viewers will want to watch all the way through.  While videos are a click away, so is the “Stop” button.  Introduce conflict early, on the way to a well-defined climax.
  • Make it accessible so you don’t eliminate potential audiences.  Save your work in a variety of file formats and sizes to accommodate different browsers and Internet connections.  And, don’t forget mobile.
  • Make it sell so it’s worth your while.  Tap the huge potential of this media by subtly featuring your products and services.  In other words, sell without selling.

Remember, you aren’t filming a commercial for a reason.

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