RTPL Featured band: Vampire Weekend

At OffForty, we love music.  It inspires us.  It gets the creative juices flowing.  And, yes, it often leads to spontaneous dance parties.  So, on occasion, we will be introducing you to a featured band we’ve been listening to.  Our goal?  To help you create the ultimate Road Trip Playlist (RTPL).  First up: New York-based Vampire Weekend.

Why they make the playlist: They have a unique style, with an indie heart, punk energy, and reggae vibe – all played by preppy guys that could be your frat brothers.  But, most importantly, they have a song devoted to the Oxford comma.  For those non-grammar-nerds, that’s the last comma in a series such as “apples, oranges, and bananas.”

We think this is great, because the Oxford comma is often the star of discussions about consistency.  And, consistency is next to godliness.  Many people debate whether to use the last comma in the series or drop it altogether.  At the end of the day, parties on both sides say to be consistent.  If you use it, carry it all the way through your message.  If you omit it, make sure it doesn’t creep back into the text anywhere.

The all-important Oxford comma decision is only one important one when it comes to verbal consistency.  You also have to choose your tense, debate “toward” versus “towards,” specify the number of spaces between sentences, and decide whether to abbreviate or write out state names.

Even if you have mastered the wording, you’re only partway there.  It’s not only about maintaining verbal consistency; visual consistency is also a major consideration.  As with operating within the same grammatical guidelines, you should adhere to one overarching color scheme.  Start with a dominant color that helps your audience identify your brand.   Other hues should be complimentary.  Fonts should pair well together too.  Even when it comes to photo selection, there is a lot to consider.

Related to the joint efforts of the verbal and visual is tonal consistency.   This involves identifying your voice and sticking with it.  Do you want to come across as formal?  Funny?  Authoritative?  If customers see that your brand has found itself, they will want to find your brand.

Advisory: Using a choice expletive (sensitive ears, beware!), Vampire Weekend asks who cares about an Oxford Comma.  Since it plays a role in ensuring consistency, we definitely care!  We know how important it is for your messages to be consistent – not just within one piece, but across multiple channels.  Your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and mobile app should all read, look, and feel like they’re authored by one source: you.

Call us today to help you promote consistency in your communications.  And, while you’re at it, add these songs to your playlist:

Oxford Comma (explicit)
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (live)

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  1. Consistency in communications is such an important element. There is something to be said about design and structure. Verbal and written communication both command due diligence on the part of the communicator. Appreciate the timely reminder!

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